St Mary's is a great church, and it's great that you're interested in it. Do you know what's even more interesting though? Jesus. He's really really interesting. He's the whole reason and purpose that our church exists. 

 Do you know what else? He's interested in you too. 

I know, you might just be here to find the church's address so you can check our gas meter or send us a phone bill, but if you're kinda curious about what church is about (it's about Jesus) - we’d love to tell you more.

David Pickersgill - Vicar



Safeguarding information

Ensuring that children and young people as well as adults are kept safe whilst in our care is an integral part of our church life. If you have any concerns about safeguarding please contact:

In the Parish: Lis Wilson or Angela Hatter on 01636 706473

In the Diocese: (Donna Bernard- Carlin, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, 01636 817200)

Out of Hours for Children & Adults:
Nottinghamshire: 0300 456 4546
Nottingham City Council: 0115 876 1000
Bawtry: 01302 796 000