The Illumination Exchange


A 7-week series of conversations
about Jesus and what it means to follow him.

Starting Tuesday 5th March 2019
With food

St Mary Magdalene Church

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You already know something about Jesus, and you will have met some people who follow Him. But there are some important things about Him that might blow your socks off. For example, we’ll be talking about:
- How much of following Jesus is about eating meals with friends.
- How Jesus offers the solution to all conflict
- How Christianity is all about lifting up those who are being oppressed.

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The Illumination Exchange is a two-way street. Sure, we have some ideas we’d like to share, but we are all coming for some Illumination; that holds true for everyone involved. Whether you’re a Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Agnostic or anything else, we’d love to hear what you have to say. We want you to illuminate us.

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We profoundly believe that friendship can be built on the exchange of ideas, and even around disagreement. This isn’t about getting consensus, it’s about people having a safe and enjoyable space to bring their thoughts, experiences and feelings into contact with other people’s for the benefit of all. You may end up being more firmly convinced of the views you started with; if you’ve also grown in friendship with someone, then that’s a great success.

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