Give, and become a part of what we do

Our mission is to Worship God and Love our Neighbours. You can join in this mission directly by joining in our worship and our projects. You can also participate by giving financially to the Church.

Some things you might like to know are:

  • All donations to the church are treated anonymously (even from the vicars).

  • Church of England clergy aren’t paid according to how much people give to their churches. Therefore the clergy won’t get paid more out of your gift.

  • Churches in this country don’t receive any direct funding from the government. However, if you pay tax, the church can receive a percentage from the government on top of your gift in the form of gift aid. We can claim gift aid if you fill out a form (below), or put your gift in a yellow envelope - available in the pews.

how to give

You can give regularly by downloading and printing off this form. (we need to receive a paper copy, so it can’t be filled in online).

You can post it to us, or bring it into church.
Alternatively, you can drop an offering into our collection plate, into the giving boxes by either of our doors.

People who have supported a charity during their lifetime often choose to remember this charity in their will, in the form of a legacy gift. This can often give a great benefit to the charity. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on this when you review your will. If you’re interested in leaving a gift for a particular purpose then please do speak to our treasurer about this (email: