Small Groups

Small groups are a great way to connect with others, to make friends, and to grow in discipleship. All of our small groups meet in people’s homes, and usually have 6-12 people in them. All of them are Jesus-centred, but they explore the Christian faith in different ways; some will read a book together; some will discuss the last Sunday’s sermon; some will watch a video and discuss it. All of them are safe and encouraging spaces where you can be yourself and where you can share your ideas. If you’re interested in joining a small group, do get in touch with the leader of the group, using the contact details below.


Leaders: Chris and Ruth Lee

Location: Lincoln Road

Day: Every other Wednesday evening, from 22nd May

Food: People are welcome to bring snacks

Topics: Discussing the bible passage from the previous Sunday

Additional info: It’s a great chance to do some more in-depth bible study, and to get deeper into what God is saying, as well as praying together.

Contact:, 07547 565177


Leader: David Pickersgill

Location: Various places around Newark

Day: Every other Wednesday evening, from 22nd May

Food: We eat together; everyone is welcome to bring a little bit to contribute; the host usually provides something simple like soup.

Topics: Christian Spirituality; relationship with Jesus.

Additional info: We take it in turns to lead and to host. We don’t all think the same, but we are united in a love for Jesus and a desire to follow him. We tend to work through a book or course, discussing it each evening.

Contact: 07975 597757