Small Groups

Small groups are a great way to connect with others, to make friends, and to grow in discipleship. All of our small groups meet in people’s homes, and usually have 6-12 people in them. All of them are Jesus-centred, but they explore the Christian faith in different ways; some will read a book together; some will discuss the last Sunday’s sermon; some will watch a video and discuss it. All of them are safe and encouraging spaces where you can be yourself and where you can share your ideas. If you’re interested in joining a small group, do get in touch with the leader of the group, using the contact details below.


Leaders: Christopher and Rita Dempsey

Location: Beacon Hill

Day: Every other Wednesday evening, from 15th May

Food: eating together; food will be provided

Topics: ‘Everyday life’ and the challenges it throws up for us and how the teachings of Jesus helps us to understand and cope.

Additional info: the aim is to look at the practical application of our faith in everyday life (living in faith) in order that we may become intentional Christians.  Plan for each evening will be to eat first, watch 35 min video by a teaching pastor on the topic of the week, three questions to consider based upon video, followed by general discussion. We intend to say grace before eating and have a closing prayer.

Contact details:, 07463 757058


Leaders: Chris and Ruth Lee

Location: Lincoln Road

Day: Every other Wednesday evening, from 22nd May

Food: People are welcome to bring snacks

Topics: Discussing the bible passage from the previous Sunday

Additional info: It’s a great chance to do some more in-depth bible study, and to get deeper into what God is saying, as well as praying together.

Contact:, 07547 565177


Leader: David Pickersgill

Location: Various places around Newark

Day: Every other Wednesday evening, from 22nd May

Food: We eat together; everyone is welcome to bring a little bit to contribute; the host usually provides something simple like soup.

Topics: Christian Spirituality; relationship with Jesus.

Additional info: We take it in turns to lead and to host. We don’t all think the same, but we are united in a love for Jesus and a desire to follow him. We tend to work through a book or course, discussing it each evening.

Contact: 07975 597757